Lonestar Alpha Laboratories

Since 2007 and with a vision to become the first multi-disciplinary lab established in the Sultanate of Oman, Lonestar Alpha Laboratories came into existence as a third-party independent engineering testing and inspection services company. Since its establishment, we have aimed that this lab is local in its identity and international in its standards and quality. Now, over more than a decade later, Lonestar Alpha Laboratories has become the largest and most diversified lab in Oman with several specializations including Civil testing, Geotechnical engineering, Metallurgical testing, Environmental testing, Chemical testing, Oil & Gas, and Microbiological & Food testing.

Lonestar Alpha conducts its business in a manner that demonstrates technical competence and reliability and in return provides its clients with cost-effective, quality, and timely services all over the region and with a goal to become a leader in the global stage.


Our Vision

To be known for “excellency” in testing services and customer satisfaction

Our Mission

To conduct its business in a manner that demonstrates technical competence & reliability while continuously improving & providing a cost-effective service for the laboratory’s clients.

Our Values

We value virtue and accuracy in dealing with our clients and would like to be identified as time mannered and professional as we proceed in achieving our vision. With this, we have built the basis of our company and carved a path to never-ending customer satisfaction


CEO Message

Ever since its establishment in 2007, Lonestar Alpha Laboratories continued to be at a level of high ethical standards while providing a huge variety of testing services to its customers. We at Lonestar do this because we want to be known for “Excellency” in testing services and customer satisfaction as clearly stated in our company vision.

Having been through a “turn-around” phase, Lonestar Alpha is now ready to settle and focus on the next step, “Accelerating Growth”. To do so, we have established a set of SMART Goals and Key Performance Indicators so that we are able to evaluate our progress in this critical period of time. The main pillars in the new set of Lonestar KPI’s are QHSE, People, Performance and Efficiency.

Lonestar has also decided to leverage its strength in the information and communications technology by upgrading its Enterprise Resources Planning system (ERP) in order to ensure that high-quality reports are provided to customers in a timely manner.

Furthermore, through its business activities, Lonestar remains committed to collaborating closely with the Omani community and is doing so by initiating clear “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) policies and procedures. Increasing the awareness of testing importance, enabling the qualified Omani staff and organizing educational sessions are only examples of social activities that Lonestar is looking at as a return to our beloved country.

Going forward, at the next step of “Sustaining Success”, Lonestar aims to establish a corporate culture in which every member possesses the spirit of teamwork and takes initiative in carefully assessing various customer expectations, taking appropriate action, and providing value, as well as building stronger relationships of trust within the team itself.


Welcome to A Checkpoint To Perfection … Welcome to LONESTAR!

Yousuf Al Naabi
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