Our Civil Engineering laboratories at Muscat, Sohar, Salalah and Duqm cover wide range of Mechanical, Physical and Chemical testing of soil, aggregate, rock, concrete, cement, GGBS, micro silica, fly ash, filler, admixture, asphalt mix, bitumen, prime coat, tack coat, masonry blocks, paving tile, kerb stones, marble, floor tiles, water, steel and other construction materials. The laboratory provides support for testing of Geotechnical investigation jobs. We also provide services of testing and investigation of building and road work construction materials using destructive and nondestructive methods (NDT); laboratory and field characterization of soil and rock; design of concrete and asphalt mixes as per project specifications; Pile integrity testing for concrete piles; Concrete durability tests as per international standards BS, BSEN, ASTM, AASHTO, ISO, OS, GSO and any other as required.

We also provide establishing and running temporary third party site Laboratories at project sites.



  • Sampling of fresh concrete, soil, aggregate, rock, cement, water& asphalt.
  • Particle size distribution by wet/dry sieve analysis, Atterberg limits, MDD & OMC, CBR, SEV.
  • Soils shear strength parameters by using direct-shear test and free swell & Swell pressure of soil.
  • Permeability of granular soil & clays/silt and consolidation tests.
  • Unconfined compressive strength of rock & soil.
  • In-situ tests:Field density test by sand replacement method, Plate load test, California bearing ratio.
  • Aggregate crushing value, aggregate impact value ten percent fines value, resistance to abrasion & impact in los angeles abrasion value, Flakiness & Elongation, crushed Face analysis, flat and elongated pieces, Light weight piece, shell content, clay lumps &friable particles, drying shrinkage.
  • Petrography examination for aggregate, rock and concrete core specimens (subcontract).
  • Polished stone value for aggregate, rock (subcontract).
  • Potential alkali reactivity as per ASTM C1260, ASTMC227, ASTM C586, ASTM C1105, ASTM C289, ASTM C1567.
  • Chloride & sulphate content in soil, aggregate, concrete& water.
  • Relative density& water absorption of aggregate & rock sample.
  • Rock grading and weight classification, breakage index L/D ratio, Rock resistance to weathering, Point load index, Slake durability index and UCS.
  • Water absorption of concrete blocks, Krebs, channels& flags.
  • Compressive strength of concrete cube, cylindrical specimens, precast blocks tiles.
  • Concrete investigation: half-cell potential survey, NDT testing on hardened concrete by ultrasonic pulse velocity, rebound hammer, Cover meter.
  • Destructive testing for concrete Testing pull off test, Obtaining & testing of drilled concrete core.
  • Cement testing physical & chemical testing.
  • Concrete & asphalt mix design& laboratory trial mix.
  • Fresh concrete testing slump, temperature, air content, bleeding and Initial & final setting time of concrete.
  • Differential temperature monitoring of mass concrete by using thermocouples.
  • Concrete durability tests Chloride migration, rapid chloride permeability, water absorption, ISAT and water permeability.
  • Asphalt testing, core density& asphalt field compaction, marshal density, stability& flow, maximum theoretical density, voids in marshal& field sample, voids filed with asphalt.